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Cow Families 
Laurelee   Brainwave Golden Laurelee VG-88 3yr

10th Generation VG or EX

GLPI of +2123 and is +14 Conf.

Numerous AI and Embryo Contract Interest

2nd Summer Yearling heifer Oxford County Holstein Show 2008

Owned with Foundation Holsteins (Jeff MacNabb, Rockwood,ON)

Fresh July 2010 with Man O Man bull calf PA LPI+2855 contracted to Semex. .
Pregnancies by Windbrook & Braxton

Dams: EX-93 Canuck that was 1st Junior 3 Year Old Dufferin-Wellington Show 2008, VG 86 Champion that was Intermediate Champion Ontario Summer Show 2006, Fleury Formation Lauria  EX 95 3E 2* Nominated All-Canadian 5 Year Old 2003

Daughters: Up-Ridge Foundation S Lyndsay GP-82 (June  09 Shottle Heifer Lyndsay has a GPA LPI of +2484

Numerous AI and Embryo interest.
2 Daughters by Man O Man & one Son by Man O Man.  Pregnancies by Bolton & Man O Man.

Same family has Brainwave Goldwyn Lauramie EX-95, Res. All Canadian and HHM. All American Junior 2yr old 2009

Pedigree Here

Honey   Up-Ridge Champion Honey EX 92 3E

Dams: GP- 83 2* Allen

Daughters: UpRidge Talent Bee Hive V.G. 86 , Up-Ridge Duplex Honeycomb (April 09 Duplex Heifer)

2nd Intermediate Yearling Oxford County Holstein Show 2007

Honey’s sister Up-ridge Goldwyn Harmony VG 88 is now fresh. She was 3rd Senior 2 Year old Oxford County Holstein Show 2009

Due April 2010 to Sanchez

Pedigree Here

  Up-Ridge Goldwyn Harmony VG 3yr

Dams: GP- 83 2* Allen

2nd Senior 3 year Old & Best bred & owned Autumn Opportunity Show 2010
3rd Senior 3 Year Old Oxford County Holstein Show 2010
3rd Senior 2 Year Old Oxford County Holstein Show 2009

Pregnancies by Damion

Pedigree Here


Up-Ridge Gibson Grapes EX-90 2E

3rd Generation VG Dams are: VG Storm, VG 88 1* Tab

Atwood & Lauthority Pregnancies

Fresh July 2010
4th Senior 3 Year Old Oxford County Holstein Show 2005

Daughters, Up-Ridge Lyster Goblin VG 85, Up-Ridge Promotion Grand V.G. 85 3yr, Up-Ridge Miss Golden Girl (May 09 Goldwyn),

Up-Ridge Atwood Gleefol (62" Junior 2yr Old sister by Atwood just fresh at 22 months) Upridge Knowledge Greatness (July 2010) & Up-Ridge Atwood Greatest (Oct 2010 Atwood)

Pedigree Here

Smartie   Up-Ridge Leduc Smartie VG 85

4th Generation VG Dams: VG 88 2* Charles, VG Raider, VG Astro Jet

1 Superior Lactation

Daughters Up-Ridge Allen Starbright VG 85, Up-Ridge Goldwyn Smore VG-85 2yr (fresh with Duplex Heifer), Up-Ridge Baxter Snicker (March 09 Baxter) & Up-Ridge Sanchez Skittle (Jan 10 Sanchez)

Pedigree Here

    Up-Ridge Goldwyn Smore VG-85 2yr

5th Generation VG Dams: VG 88 2* Charles, VG Raider, VG Astro Jet

LPI+1469 Conf+12

Daughters by Duplex, Bolton & Shottle. Pregnancies by Shottle
Daughters: Up-Ridge Duplex Smoothie (Dec 2010 Duplex)

Pedigree Here


Up-Ridge Lyster Pansy *RDC VG 87 1*

Dams: GP Elegant

Daughters Up-Ridge September Prescious GP 84 (R&W September Storm) has R&W Absolute daughter & daughter Up-Ridge Touchdown Petunia (R&W June 2010 Touchdown) & Upridge Picolo Plaster (Oct 2010 Picolo)
Granddaughter Up-Ridge Redlou Pepperoni VG 85 2yr (R&W Redlou) has a R&W Haven Heifer Calf

Pedigree Here


Up-Ridge Terrason Kara EX 90 2E

Dams GP integrity
Fresh June 2010

Daughters Up-Ridge Goldwyn Kitten VG 86 fresh April 2010 with Sanchez Heifer calf & Up-Ridge Fortune Kare EX-90

Pedigree Here

Jasper Halle  

Walnutlawn Jasper Halle EX-91

14 Generation VG or EX

Dams: VG 88 Dundee, VG 87 Leduc, VG 86 2* Rudolph

2nd Junior 2 Year old Oxford County Holstein Show 2010
Member of Walnutlawns All-Ontario Nominated Breeders Herd for 2010

1st Summer Yearling & Reserve Champion 4-H Calf Oxford County Holstein Show 2009

6th and 3rd 4-H Summer Yearling Autumn Opportunity Show 2009

6th 4-H Summer Yearling Royal Winter Fair 2009

Pedigree Here


Brainwave Landmark Feezie VG-86

one of the first milking daughters of newly proven Superior Production sire Genervations Landmark. Look for her in the new brochure for Genervations.

Up-Ridge Aftershock Fantastic
Feb 2010 Afternshock from a V.G. 87 Goldwyn who has an LPI of + 1983

Pedigree Here

Shoremar S Alicia  

BKB Goldwyn Aroma-ET

She is June 2, 2010 Goldwyn straight from world famous Shoremar S Alicia EX 97 3E 6*, who has been All Canadian, All American, and Grand Champion at the Royal.

Dam: Shoremar S Alicia EX-97 3E 6*

Pedigree Here

Walnutlawan Jasper Julia  

Walnutlawn Jasper Julia VG-87 2yr

7 Generation VG or EX

Dams:VG-87 Teraason, EX-91 2E 2* Leduc, EX 3* Blackstar

3rd Summer Yearling Oxford County Holstein Show 2010

Pedigree Here